The Poppy Project

Older Persons Support


  • Loss of home, loss of belongings, loss of identity

  • Social isolation, loneliness, leave me alone

  • Support network, life time friends & family

  • Community ties, trusted services, familiarity

  • Health, mental health & wellbeing

  • Not seen, not heard, forgotten

  • Understanding what’s, where’s, why’s, how’s

  • Trust, choices, taken away, hesitant

  • Fear of change, future, starting again, confidence

  • Lack of engagement, denial & despair

  • IT/digital exclusion, breakdown of communication

While we appreciate that going through regeneration can be a positive, welcoming experience for some of our older residents, Poppy Project is being developed specifically for those who sadly don’t share that experience.
In our experience, resident support/casework can be helpful to this client group but is often not enough, especially as casework can be time limited and focused to task.
The key focus of Poppy Project is the ‘Relationship’. 
We believe that having a strong, trusting relationship with a client who is an older person is key to providing client centred support and tackling the issues that can negatively impact some of our older residents.  The relationship needs to be able to develop without the constraints that a statutory organisation may have, and needs to build steadily over time to harness the trust so the client will allow us to join them on their journey through the regeneration process in a supportive, caring way, taking care of their today as well as their tomorrow.
As caseworkers, we are able to resolve practical issues, however this highlights the wellbeing issues where extra support is needed.

Useful Services

LINK AGE SOUTHWARK working in partnership with ADULT SOCIAL CARE
FREE Advice service for Southwark residents over 50

Providing volunteer hospital buddies. If you are interested in being matched to a hospital buddie, or would like further information, please call 0208-299-2623.

Sessions are by appointment only at Darwin Court, 21 Crail Row, SE17 1AD, to arrange an appointment, please contact 0208-054-0627.

Come join us every Thursday for bidding support at Creation Southwark 2pm—4pm. For further info please call 0702-703-8923.


Proudly supporting the community since 1996. Located in st.lukes church. For more information please call on 0207-732-0007.

A help line for older people, 24 hours and free to call 0800-470-8090. Help others communicate and share information that’s happening in your community.

Creation Southwark CIC works in partnership with SE17Working CIC, which provides employment support for older people (50+).

For further info call 0207-708-4088 or email

Providing support and a voice to our Aylesbury older residents going through regeneration

  • All relationships start with an introduction….
  • We see the role of the Poppy Project very much in the area of social prescribing, supporting with all issues that impact wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural & environmental level.
  • Our focus will mainly be on residents aged 65+ who have been identified as being vulnerable, with no, minimal or poor-quality support networks.
  • Creating spaces to explore with the client what their concerns are, what they are experiencing and encouraging them to voice what they feel they need
  • Where beneficial to the client, working in partnership/collaboration with other organisations.  This could be anything from engaging the client in activities being delivered, to escorting them to a medical appointment.


Useful Mobile Apps

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Meet Our Older Person Support Worker

Carmen Cassar

My work with the Poppy Project so far has been very rewarding I am happy to be a part of a project that supports the older residents living in the area in a bespoke way that meets their individual needs while building lasting relationships.  

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