Creation Southwark CIC has a dedicated team that offers support and advocacy services to all residents living on the Aylesbury Estate that includes those living in Temporary Accommodation.

Housing issues

We understand that trying to resolve an array of housing issues is not always easy, we have built good working relationships with Southwark Council over the years to help offer you the support needed to try and resolve these issues, we also operate a robust referral system if the help required falls outside of our remit and needs more specialist advice.


We work in partnership with Bell A Move Removals Company to help with removals on a first come, first served basis within an allocated budget, assessments will be completed to assess if you meet the criteria before removals are booked. Already planned your removals, we can help with supplying packing materials.

Moving out

In our experience your time in Temporary Accommodation can go in a blink of an eye so we advise you to consider saving for your move into a secure home as soon as you move in. Putting a little away every week or month can help you pay for removals and household items for your new home when the times comes.
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Rents & Council tax

Despite what you may have heard about being in Temporary Accommodation Rent and Council Tax is still payable! You will be expected to apply for Housing Benefits for help paying your rent and will also need to apply for Council Tax reductions. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit upon moving into Temporary Accommodation you will need to complete a claim for Housing Benefits as Universal Credit do not pay the rent element when in TA.
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Do you or any family members living with you have medical issues? If you have answered yes and have not submitted an up-to-date medical form, we would advise you to do so now by registering a change in circumstances for medical on your My Southwark account, if you require any assistance with this, please contact us.
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Areas of choice

Are there any areas in Southwark you are unable to live? Sometimes there are several reasons why some families cannot live in certain areas within Southwark, if this true for your family, and you have not already updated your areas of choice you will need to contact your housing officer or us about unsuitable areas.
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